Month: December 2019

Fundraising Events made easy

Auction Donation Email Template

No need to recreate the wheel from year to year. Follow up with companies that have supported your organization from previous years. Tips for Great Emails To Request Donations for your Auction: Keep it Short Highlight ways you will be marketing their company Why should they donate to your organization again? How did their item…
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Email Invitation for your Event

Many organizations ask us for advice on sending emails to Sponsors and Ticket purchasers. Below is a template for an Initial Email we recommend sending out to previous years’ Sponsors and Ticket Purchasers. Tips for Great Emails: Keep it Short Highlight what Sponsor/Ticket Purchaser will receive Show examples of how each Sponsor will be recognized…
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Text Message Updates for Mobile Bidding

With ATX Giving, you can schedule Text Messages for your Mobile Bidding event. Below is a great template of messages we recommend sending out on your event day. 10:00 AM | Hi Jane Smith (#123), welcome to Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas Anniversary Gala! Tap here to put your card on file 1:00 PM |…
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