Auction Donation Email Template

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Auction Donation Email Template

No need to recreate the wheel from year to year. Follow up with companies that have supported your organization from previous years.

Tips for Great Emails To Request Donations for your Auction:

  1. Keep it Short
  2. Highlight ways you will be marketing their company
  3. Why should they donate to your organization again? How did their item do in the auction last year?

Hi First Name or Company Name,

We have our event coming up again on Friday, Febraury 1st, 2020.  We had great success with your donation last year as we raised $— with your wonderful package in the auction. Would you be interested in donating again?

If so, please fill out the form below to receive an Automatic Tax Donation Receipt.

Insert Auction Donation Form Link Here

Mobile Friendly Auction Donation Form Screenshots

If you have any questions, please contact Your Name at

-Your Name

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