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Fundraising Events made easy

Optimize Check Out for your next Gala or Auction Event

While Check In can be a focus to get people in the door, Check Out is just as important. Here are some key points to enhance Check Out for your next event: Preparation is the Key to a Successful Event. If you have received the majority of your Guest Names and Emails prior to event…
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How many volunteers do we need for our event?

Putting on an event can be a lot of work!  I like to think of it as prepping for a Wedding and how many pieces need to be put in place to make it a successful event.  The below information is based on a 400 person event, and, primarily focuses on the auction component along…
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Giving Tuesday is less than 120 days away!

Giving Tuesday is a wonderful day to support your favorite cause.  With it’s 5th year anniversary upon us, here are some wonderful updates to think about from the #GivingTuesday movement that inspires so many to give every year.  Some of the important trends reported by Attracting Millennial Donors from The Millennial Impact Report: #GivingTuesday, by…
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