What do you get when you partner with ATX Giving?

Fundraising Events made easy

What do you get when you partner with ATX Giving?

With so many new committee members and staff turnover from year to year, we wanted to create a system that was easy to adopt. With ATX Giving, there is no need to learn a new system for your auction event as we wanted to come up with a simple solution to partner with your organization. Below is a snapshot from start to finish in creating a successful fundraising event for your organization when you partner with ATX Giving.

CREATE Mobile Friendly Event Ticket Page and Auction Donation Form with HelloFund. (6 to 12 months from event night)

Event Ticket + Sponsorship Screenshots

Auction Donation Form Screenshots

PROMOTE your event on Facebook, Instagram and Email. (ongoing) 

Check out this great Blog Post on Increasing Ticket Sales with Social Media

UPDATE Guest List and Event Night Sales. (ongoing)

END Auction Donations at least 1 week prior to properly market Donors/Companies prior to event night. (1 to 2 weeks out)

UPDATE Names and Emails in Guest List (the more Names and Emails you can capture prior to event night, the smoother Check In, Check Out and Follow Up will be). ATX Giving will reach out to Sponsors directly for your organization. (1 to 2 weeks out)

ATX GIVING TIP – Assign 1 Bidder # per couple. Instead of Checking In 200 guests, check in 100 Bidders (Ex. #101, Phil and Lauren Sanger) to reduce long lines at both Check In and Check Out.

CLOSE Online Event Registration to update Guest List. (1 to 2 days out)

ATX GIVING provides Equipment, Card Readers and Printed Materials. (event night)

Display Page Example with your Logo, Package #, Image, Description, Value and Donated by:

ATX GIVING’S ONSITE STAFF will help Check In, Enter Sales and Check Out. (event night)

ATX GIVING processes payments for guests securely and sends out tax deductible email receipts to donors (event night and/or following day)

ATX GIVING NOTE – Organization receives deposit 2 to 3 business days after payments have been processed.

DETAILED REPORT sent to organization on Event Night Sales, Payments Received, Remaining Balance Due and Accounting. (following day)

Want to learn more about ATX Giving?

Email us at hello@atxgiving.org