Email Invitation for your Event

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Email Invitation for your Event

Many organizations ask us for advice on sending emails to Sponsors and Ticket purchasers. Below is a template for an Initial Email we recommend sending out to previous years’ Sponsors and Ticket Purchasers.

Tips for Great Emails:

  1. Keep it Short
  2. Highlight what Sponsor/Ticket Purchaser will receive
  3. Show examples of how each Sponsor will be recognized

Hi First Name,

Thanks so much for being a Sponsor for last year’s Event/Gala Name!  The event is coming up on Event Date.  Would you be intersted in sponsoring for 2020?

As a Platinum Sponsor, you will receive:

  • Table for 8
  • Name in Printed Program
  • Table Recognition
  • Link and Logo on Website
  • Online Recognition
  • All Events Celtic Pass

To Sponsor, please click here:

Insert Event Ticket Page Link Here

Mobile Friendly Event Ticket Page Screenshot

Thanks so much for supporting Your Organization. If you have any questions, please contact Your Name at

– Your Name

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