Pre-event day checklist with ATX Giving

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Pre-event day checklist with ATX Giving

When you partner with ATX Giving, we ask each organization to provide the following to ensure a succesful event:

1 – One 6 Foot Table for every 200 guests (Ex. For 400 people, we need 2 tables)

2 – One Table for Bid Cards (preferably located behind Check In Table (s))

3 – Table Cloths (if possible and needed)

4 – Access to WiFi (Preferably a Dedicated/Password Protected WiFi)

5 – Access to Electricity (if possible)

6 – Complete updating Event Sales Tab in shared Google Sheet 3 to 4 days prior to event (primarily for Displays)

7 – Complete updating Guest List Tab in shared Google Sheet 1 day prior to event (send last minute names via text/email to primary ATX Giving Event Manager)

8 – Organization to create provide Manilla/White Folders for Packages (if applicable) to hand out to Winning Bidders (Please include Package # in Top Right of Folder and Add + for any physical items to be picked up. If there is NO certificate/gift card associated with package, we would still like a Folder created so we know that a Physical Item needs to be picked up

Don’t know how many volunteers you need for the event?

Click here to review our Blog Post for recommended Volunteer Count for Event Day-

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