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Fundraising Events made easy

Optimize Check Out for your next Gala or Auction Event

While Check In can be a focus to get people in the door, Check Out is just as important. Here are some key points to enhance Check Out for your next event: Preparation is the Key to a Successful Event. If you have received the majority of your Guest Names and Emails prior to event…
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Pre-event day checklist with ATX Giving

When you partner with ATX Giving, we ask each organization to provide the following to ensure a succesful event: 1 – One 6 Foot Table for every 200 guests (Ex. For 400 people, we need 2 tables) 2 – One Table for Bid Cards (preferably located behind Check In Table (s)) 3 – Table Cloths…
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2019 Event Fundraising Trends

We took data from 11 organizations we worked with in the Fall 2018 to figure out how much each organization on average raised in Silent Auction, Live Auction and Fund A Need along with percentages of total Gross Amount Raised to find out some of the latest trends from our fundraising events. Based on data…
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Event Timeline and Best Practices

When planning an event, it helps to have an event timeline to help keep you and your team accountable for completing tasks throughout the months leading up to your event.  Below is a great event timeline to think about for your next fundraiser or auction. EVENT TIMELINE 9 to 12 Months Out Secure Venue Secure…
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