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Fundraising Events made easy

Event Timeline and Best Practices

When planning an event, it helps to have an event timeline to help keep you and your team accountable for completing tasks throughout the months leading up to your event.  Below is a great event timeline to think about for your next fundraiser or auction. EVENT TIMELINE 9 to 12 Months Out Secure Venue Secure…
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How many volunteers do we need for our event?

Putting on an event can be a lot of work!  I like to think of it as prepping for a Wedding and how many pieces need to be put in place to make it a successful event.  The below information is based on a 400 person event, and, primarily focuses on the auction component along…
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How did ATX Giving get here?

ATX Giving was founded by Phil Sanger in April 2016. Phil has over 8 years experience working with nonprofits and schools to help streamline their fundraising events…specifically ones with an auction component. In Spring 2010, Phil was a member of the Young Men’s Business League and was the Silent Auction chair for their annual event,…
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3 ways to raise funds for your campaign

Make it Mobile-Friendly.  Having both an online and mobile responsive design is important to capture donations from all types of users. Make it Simple. If you have a long and complicated form, 60% of donors will leave before making a donation. Brand It. Branding your online donation forms is a great way to establish trust,…
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Make it Personal!

Recently, I’ve been working with several colleagues and they have been asking me, how can we increase ticket sales or donations for your next event or fundraiser?  From my experience, I tend to see the same thing over and over again.  You ask people to promote their event on Facebook, Instagram or any social media outlet,…
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Giving Tuesday is less than 120 days away!

Giving Tuesday is a wonderful day to support your favorite cause.  With it’s 5th year anniversary upon us, here are some wonderful updates to think about from the #GivingTuesday movement that inspires so many to give every year.  Some of the important trends reported by Attracting Millennial Donors from The Millennial Impact Report: #GivingTuesday, by…
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