Text Message Updates for Mobile Bidding

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Text Message Updates for Mobile Bidding

With ATX Giving, you can schedule Text Messages for your Mobile Bidding event. Below is a great template of messages we recommend sending out on your event day.

10:00 AM | Hi Jane Smith (#123), welcome to Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas Anniversary Gala! Tap here to put your card on file

1:00 PM | Just a reminder to Check In here so we can streamline the process! To bid in the auction, please click here to register your card.


5:00 PM | We’re looking forward to seeing you tonight! Upon arrival, come to Check In to pick up your Bid Paddle!

5:05 PM | You are Bidder #123 and will be sitting at Table #1.

8:35 PM | Silent Auction ends soon, click here to get your final bids in now.

9:20 PM | To Winning Bidders Not Checked Out & No Card on File It looks like we don’t have your card on file. Tap here to put your card on file and checkout.

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